I’m Tami, and you’ve probably read my articles and short stories on TNC, Nairaland, and Okada Books. After posting my work on other sites, I’m branching out on my own, starting with the relaunch of my blog formerly known as The Naija Brit. My newest short stories, updated posts, and my personal opinion feature here, and I look forward to interacting with my readers.

Literature has always played a huge part in my life, starting from primary school where storytelling formed an important part of the curriculum. Thanks to the Story Teller series, I learned to view characters and scenarios in my mind’s eye, allowing me to hone my skills. My first big break came when the teachers allowed me to read an original story to the school assembly. The encouraging feedback fuelled my ambition, and during secondary school in Nigeria I worked on several children’s novels and plays, none of which saw the light of day due to a lack of encouragement.

A few years before returning to my birth country, a Unical student who had written the original screenplay for the movie My Cross encouraged me to write what was then known as Diana Duru (later Diana Duru: The Last Fifteen Years), written in pencil due to my inability to type. While I never pitched my script to film producers, I prided myself on this new-found ability to write for film. Galaxy TV Lagos rejected my next project, a sitcom titled Nigerian Hairways, but I continued to live in hope.

After graduating from Roehampton University where I briefly studied Creative Writing as part of my Drama degree, I dabbled in several jobs whilst planning a career in teaching. After deciding I no longer wished to pursue this career, I returned to my old love, testing the waters with my short stories, receiving more encouraging feedback…and a few harsh critics. In 2017 I began novelising my old screenplay, making several changes including the new title Bitter Perceptions.

This is only half the story. More is yet to come. Welcome to my world.

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