Yo, I just left Chocolat Royal cos i needed a burger and ice cream. Yes i know i’m not supposed to eat all this stuff now i’m a pageant contestant, but i’m hungry, and d sun is too hot. I need 2 eat, n i need ice cream. Hope is not lost tho. Am on my way 2 d spa so i can have d body wrap Mumsie paid 4. I also need 2 clear my skin with a facial. And i need 2 get my nails done. By dtime their finished i’m gonna look fantastic. If we actually make it on time. Am typing this in the car, diary. My driver Kingsley has been instructed 2 take me to the spa, but i had to stop at Chocolat Royal first. Now we are stuck in a traffic jam, very rare at dis time of the day, very rare in dis part of Lagos. Looks like we have 2 wait, n when we get dere I’ll pay extra 2 jump d queue if we’re late.

I might even book a last minute massage when we reach d spa bcos i’m stressed, and its not just d traffic noise dat caused it. Popsie came round 2 d house yesterday asking 2 see me. Someone showed him d newspaper article wit photos of d final 36 Naija Girl contestants, and he’s angry. He doesn’t want any daughter of his taking part in Naija Girl bcos pageants r breeding grounds 4 whores. Mumsie got into an argument when he said dat, and i support everything she said. Popsie may b my father, but who is he 2 tell me i’ve turned into a whore? What about d whore livin under his own roof?

Popsie ruined our family when he chased after girls young barely off their mother’s breast and broke Mumsie’s heart. His reason? He needed another wife 2 give him a male heir. Because female heirs aren’t good enough in his sight, yet he kept pestering Amethyst 4 her assistance anytime a financial problem arose in his company. He sent her 2 bizness school in d States, hoping she would come back n take up a top position with his company. He never guessed she would meet a guy and settle aboard after they married. Popsie still hasn’t forgiven her, but dats his own problem. Maybe he can train up d son his 2nd wife gave birth 2 recently, i don’t care. Maybe I shouldn’t take my anger out on an innocent kid, but i can’t deny how adorable he looks. He looks like a cute little angel. And i look just like Popsie.

Popsie has never approved of me as a daughter. Not smart enough, not sharp enough. Anytime i look in d mirror i’m reminded i’m not pretty enough, unlike my sisters. If he doesn’t care about me as a person, y is he angry because of dis Naija Girl thing? Family image? He didn’t care about dat when he cheated on Mumsie, so he can take a seat. Besides dis is my life. Despite d money i’ve been surrounded with 4rom birth it hasn’t been d perfect life. But its my life, and i’m about 2 make a change. I may not have succeeded in everything i’ve done, but i’ll damn make sure d Naija Girl crown is mine, whatever happens, whatever it takes.

Kiss my ass, Popsie.




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