Not that long along I read a few white celebrities have been rumoured to reach for the relaxer to eliminate frizz. Interesting. During my final year at university keratin treatment were all the rage, and while I never booked this treatment at my nearby salon (Have you seen the prices?), some 4C girls swore by the process. The results were sleek, glossy, and glamorous. Until the first wash.

The adventurous YouTuber Milos Lifestyle purchased an ORS Olive Oil Relaxer kit – my relaxer of choice before I joined the natural movement – from Amazon UK. Poor guy, he just had to hit me up, and I would have pointed him towards the nearest black hair shop. The instructions were straightforward, allowing him to apply the product without stress, although the relaxer probably stung at some point! Five minutes was all he required for the relaxer to straighten his Brillo Pad hair, and while the result probably didn’t give him the smoothness he anticipated, his hair looked smooth, nothing like the wild mop he previously carried on his head.

I’m happy he tried this method with an open mind, but I’m not sure relaxing suits Caucasian hair in the long run. Chemicals require maintenance due to the drying effects, and most of my white friends can’t stand greasy hair. Without constant moisturising, those newly-straightened strands are sure to break off, although I get the feeling Milos Lifestyle looks pretty good bald. And to all those accusing him of cultural appropriation, take that Brazilian weave out of your ass and take a seat!

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