I loved this in Nigeria when I still used relaxers. Even in the humid weather my waves and curls held firm, but frequent use could cause breakage. I’ve since gone natural, but occasionally wear curls in my 4C, and I needed a product to make my style last longer. Lottabody, with its renowned powers, seemed the perfect choice, and two weeks ago I bought a bottle from my local hair store. As most black hair specialists stock this product, purchasing shouldn’t be a problem.

Lottabody claims to work on natural styles as well as relaxed. I diluted the product – two parts water to one part Lottabody – and applied to my hair with a spray bottle I’d bought from a pound shop. Using curling rods I rolled my hair into sections before drying under my hood bonnet. Did the curls appear neat? Not exactly, but I’m no hair expert after all. This wasn’t my main concern however. Despite moisturising my curls before and after styling, my hair resembled a tangled dehydrated nest on my head. Two days later, my stylist had difficulty dividing combing through that mess when I asked for cornrows.

I’m loosening those plaits this weekebd, and I’ll review another product. I read in a magazine years ago using a leave-in conditioner that doubles as a setting agent is a good way to seal in moisture. The Lottabody range includes a milk and honey line, but as far as I’m aware it’s currently not available in the UK. How disappointing – the original Lottabody formula did nothing for my hair. Lovely blue colour, dries well (although not as fast as I expected), okay smell. Other than that, unless you’re relaxed, it’s a no from me.

Did I do anything incorrectly? Let me know in the comments below.


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